Happiness Is…

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Mar 222015
Happiness Is…

We all seem to know when we’re feeling happy, yet many of us have a hard time finding this emotion when we’re… Just. Not. Happy. We also seem to have many different ideas and strategies for maintaining happiness. So why am I pondering such a simple, basic, emotion? For one thing, yesterday was: International Day of […]

Oct 012014
US Politicians & Corruption

I’m pretty sure everyone would agree that we have a problem with electing a representative government that has us in their best interests here in the US. With that being said, I wanted to share with you this morning’s shower thoughts on the subject. Would it be completely crazy to bind US representatives’ pay to […]

RIP Rocky

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Jul 162013
RIP Rocky

It is with great sorrow that I write this blog post. This evening our sweet little Rocky passed on. She went quietly with my wife by her side while Thing One & Thing Two were playing at a friend’s house. Her health had been worsening over the past month, and I had just taken her […]

May 032013
Our Cat Needs A New Home

Meet Rocky It all began with an email to our neighborhood watch group titled: Found Kitten. I’ll fill you in on the entire story of how Rocky came to live with us later, but for now… We have found out that our 9 year old Thing Two is allergic to cats. Her allergies have become […]

Aug 042012
How One Volt Had Me Amped

It all started with an alert on my Klout account that said I had a new perk. Up to that point, the perks I had seen available to me were mostly offers resembling what you could find on Groupon or LivingSocial. This particular perk however was about a car. A car? Hmmm… Okay, you got […]

Jun 012012
A Standard For Describing An Item’s Author In RSS

The Problem I’m currently working on a content ingestion system for Gravity‘s personalization and analytics systems. We already have in place a powerful and flexible article extraction library in place that we open sourced as Goose, which does a great job at identifying just the article text and optionally even its primary image. The problem […]

watchful eye necklace

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Jun 132011
watchful eye necklace

Charming watchful eye necklace with glass beads

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