Google Chrome Command Line Switches

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Sep 042008
Oh how I love Open Source and SVN HTTP Browse access!
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Behold the source:
(full source root)

So far, there aren’t too many interesting switches. The two most intriguing to me are –record-mode and –playback-mode:

// Chrome supports a playback and record mode.  Record mode saves *everything*
// to the cache.  Playback mode reads data exclusively from the cache.  This
// allows us to record a session into the cache and then replay it at will.
const wchar_t kRecordMode[] = L"record-mode";
const wchar_t kPlaybackMode[] = L"playback-mode";

What I like most is the fact that I can keep up with releases and what is under the covers. Complete transparency! So… for all of you Google Fearing Americans out there… pick up a C++ for Dummies book and read along with the rest of us.