+ twitterfeed = sweet blog love

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Feb 042009

I have been trying to find and/or create a solution for automatically posting links to new blog posts I write as well as cross-posting an excerpt to my other blogs that link back to my primary source blog.

Meet my two new friends: and twitterfeed. Well, has been a close friend for some time now, but he is quite the social butterfly and tends to find some pretty cool friends of his own. The interface for twitterfeed is a we bit clunky, but it is also exactly what I need. I am not one to complain when interfaces are not polished as my own tend to be more than rough around the edges.

The two most powerful features offered by twitterfeed are its tight integratration with and it’s support for link shortening/tracking. Another nicety is the fact that you can create many feeds (the term used by twitterfeed to describe the linked configuration of an RSS feed to one of their supported endpoints). With all of these combined, I was able to create two feeds that do everything that I wanted for each new post I make to my personal blog here. The first of these pulls new posts detected in the RSS from my FeedBurner feed of this blog, and posts a “status” update to with the text “New Post: “ along with the title of the RSS feed item (blog post title), and a shortened link to my post. The second consumes the same new post from the same RSS, and posts a “blog” post to To do this, I simply repeated what I did for my first one but changed the method from “status” to “blog” and changed what to include from “title only” to “title & description.”

Since my FeedBurner RSS also splices in my Flickr photo posts (which happen to mostly be from MMS uploads) they also flow through twitterfeed.

Well… this should be the first actual blog post that goes through twitterfeed in the two ways I just described above.