Do you still use myspace?

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Feb 232010

QUESTION 4 my peeps: Do you still use myspace? If yes, why? if no, why not? Please respond at least w/a yes or no. THANKS!

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That is the question I asked all of my friends and followers from all of those social networkie sites I’m active on. I asked this about 5 hours before posting the results here:

  1. MySpace (view post): 6 comments:
    4 yes / 2 other (but of course all were a yes by the fact that they used it to respond)
  2. Facebook (view post): 24 comments:
    10 yes / 9 no / 5 other
  3. Twitter (view post): 4 @replies [ 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ] + 1 direct message:
    3 yes /  1 no / 1 other
  4. Brightkite (view post): 1 comment (actually 2 but from the same person):
    1 no
  5. Work Email (lol, yeah, since a lot of my coworkers follow me): 1 response:
    1 yes

This makes the total “yes” answers 18 and the total “no” answers 10 out of a total of 37 responses.

Two interesting points are that out of the four networks I’ve inked to above, the most commented network gives me a link that can only be viewed by a logged-in facebook user and the 2nd network (twitter) has no “view entire thread” link as the other three do. Either way, I am not some social media guru, so I only have a “normal” following (under 600 on each network) and this may not be much of a representation of the web masses at all. I did however find it very interesting and really appreciate all of the responses. It is also worth noting that I posted this same question on ¬†13 other networks without any response at all.

I also need to mention that out of those responding “yes”, about half of them mentioned either a minimal usage or tried to explain why they still do. As many of you know, I work at MySpace and a quite a few of the respondents do as well. 10 of the total yes answers came from my fellow employees at MySpace and 2 of those stated only using it for work. To keep this in perspective though, there are at least that many people that are my friends/followers that used to but no longer work at MySpace and that can affect their perspective differently.

Here are some of the key points made by the respondents (I don’t mention too much detail here but covered all of those not publicly visible in the links above):

  1. If they do use MySpace, most noted that either not for social networking, or very little.
  2. Some mentioned using it for either just music, or finding connecting with bands.
  3. Out of those that used to use MySpace but no longer do, some mentioned they stopped when their moved on to twitter or Facebook.
  4. Out of the other reasons why some don’t use MySpace, the two top were bad design and bad impression of what users are there.

As pointed out by Christina Gagnier in her article on the Huffington Post:

“The users of MySpace are diverse. It is superficial to cast off MySpace as merely a “digital ghetto” because its demographics may be different from that of the other social networks.”

My friends / followers do not represent the entire internet at all and in fact most like represent a very small¬†demographic, but this is the same demographic that is most active in the “popular” social networking space.

I have more detailed feedback that I felt would be better suited for a separate post entirely.