Ping ‘em All

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Dec 062008

Ping 'em All

So I finally brought together two of my favorite services:

  1. MySpace

If you need an explanation for what MySpace offers then my wee little blog post is not the best resource for you. However, is a new up-and-coming web site that offers some great value to its users. It allows registered users to post status updates, micro-blogs, blogs, location (check-ins), and even pictures and audio to over 30 of the top social networks.

So… if you know me, you'll know that I enjoy getting around on the Internet. I've registered for over 20 social networking sites and was a treat for me. In one place I could broadcast my status to all of them. Old friends and colleagues begin to comment on my status updates and follow along with my life as they did when I sat, worked or socialized with them for realz. But, I found myself constantly switching between my browser tab and my MySpace browser tab.

A while back before we launched the MySpace Developer Platform (MDP) with its OpenSocial implementation, we had an internal competition to develop an app. I worked my tail off to create an app that would post your MySpace status updates to Twitter's API. I was close… and then we went from the 0.6 spec to 0.7 of Google's OpenSocial specification. My app was busted, and I was done with hacking.

When the holidays got closer, I got this uncanny urge to develop something new, and the "Ping 'em All" project begun. It took me two sleepless nights to get something solid enough to submit and now I am sharing it with you.

So, check it out (if you don't mind): 

and speak your mind on the app's forum:


Ping ON!!