Google Music Beta

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May 272011
Upload progress showing 1,317 of 4,947 songs added...

1,317 of 4,947 songs added... OH HELL YEAH!

I just gained access to Google’s Music Beta and for the first time, I think my personal music library may be smaller than the amout of cloud storage available for free!

It is truly amazing just how far we have come from the the early days of cramming mp3′s into a JPEG image to store on a free image hosting site back in the 90′s. Napster not only broadened what was possible for music online, but also inadvertently set us all back a decade of fighting to truly OWN the music we legally purchase from the big music labels.

Yes, I know there are a lot of you that have second thoughts about giving so much to the Google Collective, and I have no beef with you and your own convictions.

I for one welcome our new online music overlords!