RIP Rocky

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Jul 162013
RIP Rocky

RIP Rocky – a very sweet cat

It is with great sorrow that I write this blog post. This evening our sweet little Rocky passed on. She went quietly with my wife by her side while Thing One & Thing Two were playing at a friend’s house.

Her health had been worsening over the past month, and I had just taken her to the Vet yesterday to see what we could do. Unfortunately, she was quite old already when we brought her into our family (full story) and she had an overactive thyroid, liver disease, and kidney issues. The vet gave me the choice to try and treat her or say good-bye. We would not be able to hospitalize her, nor afford all of the treatments she required, and the vet said that even if we could do all of that, that she would most likely not live much longer after all procedures. I was not ready to say good-bye, so I opted to make her as comfortable as possible and asked the vet to re-hydrate her. I really thought she was going to improve more than she did, but her condition only improved a small amount and lasted just about 12 hours.

Our family hopes that she was not suffering in these final days and wonder what kind of a life she had before we met her almost a year ago. The girls each provided small memorial items for me to bury with her and assisted in covering the grave. Loss is not a new thing to our family and our time with Rocky was so short. It still stings a bit though and each of us will deal with it in our own way.